Howard Lyn

One of the British pioneers in doing business in Azerbaijan in early 1990s. Howard is head of energy engineering service provider Rapid Solutions Group, first established in 1996. Given his extensive background in project engineering and project management, the company had the prerequisites to develop its strong reputation for the quality of its products and services thus became one of the leading engineering specialists operating across the Caspian and Middle East regions. Before coming to Azerbaijan Howard worked as a Project / Contract Manager with the UK 's leading Electrical, Instrumentation and Telecommunications Contractors. 

Howard has a vast knowledge of doing business in Azerbaijan, he understands and values the country’s culture and people. In 2016 he received Robin Bennett award for his contributions to British – Azerbaijani relations. Howard demonstrated continuous contribution to the former British Business Group, Anglo-Azerbaijani Society, and to the United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA).


"Thirty years of doing business in Azerbaijan has been an exhilarating learning curve. This country has become home to me and opened many doors of opportunities despite conventional stereotyping. As a co-founder and director of the chamber, I am fully committed to sharing my local knowledge and experience in educating and guiding new British companies in the Azerbaijani market and help Azerbaijan unravel its great potential beyond the traditional oil and gas and renewable energy sector, and further extend economic and trade links between two countries"