The British Chamber of Commerce Azerbaijan invites you to register your interest in Working Committees listed below. Committees will be formed upon number of qualified members for Committee. 




Join the BCCA  Agriculture Committee to provide members with policy positions from governmental officials, to inform and educate the membership on the issues and changes of  agriculture and agri-tech sectors, and to advocate interests of Agriculture business communities in Azerbaijan and UK. 

Education & Workforce

Join the BCCA Education and Workforce Working Committee to advance UK-Azerbaijan education and workforce opportunities, deliver up-to-date information about industry insights, share local knowledge, develop relationships and partnerships between members and public and business education institutions to promote vocational training, job shadows, scholarship opportunities that will foster a stronger future workforce. 

Energy & Renewable

Join the BCCA Energy & Renewable Working Committee to advocate for a further dialogue of the well-established and long-term energy cooperation between Azerbaijan and UK; to increase investment incentives and a more favourable business climate for renewable technologies; to address issues specific to renewable sector; to provide assistance to BCCA member organisations on implementing renewable projects and renewable energy requirements in compliance with best international practice.



Export & Import Trade

Join the BCCA Export & Import Trade Working Committee to share knowledge and information regarding new and existing laws and regulations on trade and logistics, establish connections with companies looking out for import and export opportunities in Azerbaijan and UK.



Join the BCCA Healthcare Working Committee to provide a platform to incentivise business opportunities in the healthcare and health-tech sector in Azerbaijan. 



Join the BCCA Infrastructure Working Committee to monitor and update the membership on latest policies and regulations of infrastructure and real estate sectors, to develop a relationship with key industry players undertaking infra projects in Azerbaijan, and to facilitate further engagement in infra projects between UK and Azerbaijani companies. 


Innovation & Technology

Join the BCCA Innovation & Technology Working Committee to connect to industry leaders and high-tech startups of the UK and Azerbaijan, to provide analyses and information on business insights of the innovation industry and to facilitate a bilateral exchange of Azerbaijani and UK tech-companies on best practices and further cooperation.         



Tax & Customs

Join the BCCA Tax & Customs Committee to establish communication between BCCA members and Customs and Taxation Authorities, to ensure members are compliant with current tax legislation and provide further recommendations on practical implementation.